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Benefit Concert Series No.4 

Helping Human Trafficked Children

in support of House of Refuge 'Joshua 20'

Help stop human trafficking and provide homes for kids at risk.
Giving refuge to those who are enslaved.  

Help us reach our goal of $10,000 to build a shelter in Thailand.


There are 3 most common ways that children can be trafficked:

Sold. Sometimes a family that is desperate for survival chooses to sell one of their children to a trafficker.

Stolen. Children that have been separated from their families or orphaned are kidnapped by traffickers, or by unscrupulous people & sold to traffickers.

Scammed. Kids are told if they go with the trafficker they will be given a good job in a factory or some other legitimate place. Once they are under the control of the trafficker they are charged money for the job placement. The only way to pay off the debt is through prostitution. 

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